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Islamic Finance in the Global Economy Edinburgh University Press

"A well-researched and concise book on a fluid, complex, and sometimes misjudged concept."— MESA Bulletin

Islamic finance has grown at an annual rate that exceeds twenty percent a year and is now a two hundred billion dollar industry operating in more than seventy countries. A best-selling text that introduces the role of Islamic finance in the global economy, this book unravels the paradox of a thriving system rooted in medieval practice. It defines Islamic finance in its broadest sense, including banks, mutual funds, securities firms, and insurance companies. Ibrahim Warde situates Islamic finance within global political and economic systems and addresses core issues, such as the moral economy of Islam, differences between Pakistan, Iran, the Sudan, and Malaysia, and religious issues and challenges. This revised edition accounts for recent changes and developments. It thoroughly traces the evolution of Islamic finance, explores its significance from historical and comparative perspectives, and considers strategic, marketing, managerial, political, economic, regulatory, and cultural challenges currently facing Islamic institutions.

The Price of Fear: The Truth behind the Financial War on Terror University of California Press

When the State Department claims to have struck a blow at the heart of the international terrorist finance network, even the most hardened of commentators takes the statement at face value. But as Ibrahim Warde argues in this myth-shattering book, the post-9/11 series of financial crackdowns initiated by the U.S. government has had virtually no impact on terrorism. This is because, as he demonstrates, these actions are based on a fundamental misconception of how terrorism works. Warde shows how operations such as the 9/11 attacks were actually financed, and he brilliantly juxtaposes the reality of shoestring budgets and envelopes of cash against the prevailing fantasy of a buzzing transnational network of seamless electronic transfers.

Mythologies américaines Le Félin
" Le grand ennemi de la vérité, ce n'est pas tant le mensonge - inventé, délibéré et malhonnête - mais le mythe - convaincant, permanent et imaginaire ", affirmait John Kennedy. Qui saurait mieux dire ?
L'Amérique fascine et inquiète, séduit et agace. L'Amérique est un mythe et ses mythologies sont devenues les nôtres. Faut-il refuser la séduction, faire du modèle yankee un repoussoir ?
Coca-Cola, complexe militaro-industriel, esclaves, John Ford, Hollywood, jazz, Ku Klux Klan, Marilyn Monroe, New Deal, Viêt-nam, Irangate, western, Woody Allen, Wall Street, la tragédie du World Trade Center..., la liste est inépuisable des mots et des images qui donnent aux Etats-Unis leur visage d'ombre et de lumière, de rêves et de cauchemars.

--Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Poche .